Tx Module

2.4GHz Module for Air

Transform current flight systems for FASST Results

With these sets, you can enjoy 2.4GHz benefits without buying a full 2.4GHz system -- and features that only Futaba can offer. Fast, "made-for" fits and clean installations free of clumsy wires or cables. A sleek, efficient antenna that installs and works with designed-in ease and simplicity -- and pivots to maximize your RF link. Push-button set-up for the failsafe on the module and Easy Link on the receiver. Four full-range receivers, including two that are so small and light that they can work in flat foamies, too. For FASST results, demand the best: Futaba. Receivers and modules also available separately.

Module systems


2.4GHz "FASST" module for 14MZ,12Z and 12FG.

AIR 2.4GHz 14ch Tx Modules


Designed for 10C system.

AIR 2.4GHz 10ch Tx Modules


Designed for 8U.9C and 9Z systems. This module is only compatible for S-FHSS system receivers.

AIR 2.4GHz 8ch Tx Modules

2.4GHz MODULE for Surface

3PK/3VC 2.4GHz module

2.4GHz "FASST" module for 3PK/3VC

PK-FSM2.4G with R603FS receiver(FASST-C1 mode)

module & receiver