4PL-2.4G (4ch Computer Systems)



4PL 2.4GHz S-FHSS offers many of the advanced features that car, truck and boat racers desire - in particular frequency-hopping spread spectrum technology. You'll enjoy virtually interference-free operation and super-secure dependability, without the need for crystals and waiting for a free channel.

4PL-2.4G 4PL-2.4G

System Overview

  1. 6.8ms frame rate (S-FHSS)
  2. 128x64 dot backlit LCD w/contrast
  3. Alarm
  4. Steering and throttle tension adjustment
  5. Forward/Back throttle position adjustment
  6. Display switch
  7. Charge jack
  8. 40-model memory
  9. 10-character model naming
  10. Model copy
  11. Model clear
  12. Alarm tone adjustment
  13. Fail Safe on all channels (S-FHSS mode)
  14. Digital trim step select
  15. MC Link (connecting to Futaba ESCs)

Another versatility plus is selectable FHSS/S-FHSS modes, which allow you to use R603GF or R2004GF FHSS receivers, or take advantage of the higher frame rates available with the included high-voltage R2104GF receiver, which is also available separately.

Steering Functions

  1. Trim
  2. Trim Rate
  3. Reverse
  4. Dual Rate
  5. End Point Adjustment (EPA) Left/Right
  6. Exponential
  7. Sub Trim
  8. Speed Turn/Return

Throttle Functions

  1. Trim
  2. Trim Rate
  3. Reverse
  4. End Point Adjustment (EPA) High/Low
  5. ATL
  6. Mechanical ATL
  7. Exponential High/Low
  8. Sub Trim
  9. A.B.S.
  10. Idle-Up
  11. Acceleration
  12. Preset (Throttle Hold)
  13. Speed
  14. Servo Neutral Select

3rd Channel Functions

  1. Reverse
  2. Step
  3. End Point Adjustment (EPA) High/Low
  4. Sub Trim
  5. Brake
  6. A.B.S.

4th Channel Functions

  1. Reverse
  2. End Point Adjustment (EPA) High/Low
  3. Sub Trim
  4. Brake
  5. A.B.S.

Other Mixing Functions

  1. One Program Mixing
  2. 4WS Mixing (great for crawlers)
  3. Brake Mixing
  4. Special Mixing for Dual ESC Setup (great for crawlers)

Timer Functions

  1. Timer
  2. Up Timer
  3. Down Timer
  4. Lap Timer
  5. Lap Memory up to 100 laps and Total Laps

4PL radio is not compatible with Futaba FASST systems.

4PL has modern program menu- easy to find the function what you want form the list.

  • easy to find
  • easy to find

Good point

  • adjustable throttle trigger.

    4PL has adjustable throttle trigger.

  • Steering wheel

    Steering wheel is same as 4PK Super.