4PX (4ch Computer Systems)



Brand New Futaba 4PX is Debut.
4PX is equipped state-of-art technology that gives you brilliant experience.

Vivid design of 4PX opens a new page on FUTABA transmitter history.
The strong presence is coming from crisp edge and invisible screw design.
The downward steering position is lowering its gravity center and gives an incredible impact to a driver.
An Aluminum frame is used for 4PX and it contributes to a weight saving while improving rigidity.

Communication speed is faster than that of 4PKSR!!

Optimized T-FHSS system gives you 30% faster response speed than that of 4PKSR.
Combination of 4PX and R304SB receiver can utilize telemetry feature without the response speed down.
Is also allows you to use multiple receivers T-FHSS,
4PX equips 3.5" full color LCD display that has good visibility under blight ambient light.
Additionally, 4PX has voice output feature for the telemetry data to get the sensor feedback by sound/audio.


R304SB is a standard equipped receiver for 4PX. It utilizes S.BUS system and allows you to use telemetry features to connect
a optional telemetry sensors. (Voltage sensor, temperature sensor, rotation sensor)

  • 4PX

    A.B.S mode is easily-to-understand disply for the settings. You can change the setting item instantly.

  • 4PX

    It is easy to assing or adjust the digital trim and dial.

  • 4PX

    It allows to confirm average and total rap time.

  • 4PX

    Throttle and steering curve can adjust intuitively by the intelligible graph display

  • 4PX

    4PX is equipped with steering mixing. Ackerman adjustment is very easy.

  • 4PX

    Programable servo can be adjust without PC

  • 4PX

    Response is adjustable while driving to match the condition of road surface or tire.

  • 4PX

    It allows you to use FASST and S-FHSS receiver along with T-FHSS telemetry receiver.

  • 4PX

    •To save telemetry data, setting data, update firmware and so on to micro SD card.

  • 4PX

    •Wheel adapter and steering angle adapter(32degree for both side) and two different types of throttle triggers are included.

  • •Earphone jack is equipped for better hearing in the noisy field.

    •Battery charging jack is equipped.

    •Communication port for setting ESC, servos and sensors is equipped.

  • 4PX
  • 4PX

    •Carbon handle grip are available. (Option)

  • 4PX

    •Two different size of grips are available. (Option)
    (For U.S. and AU version, a wide grip is equipped in an initial setting.)

  • •All in one antenna gives you
    better wireless communication.
    (The angle of the antenna is adjustable.)

    •Throttle trigger can be adjustable. Adjustable range is 7mm.

    •Throttle trigger shape is optimized for better rigid feeling.

  • 4PX