Futaba proudly introduces the next high-end car transmitter 7PX. The biggest attraction is the adoption of the 4.3-inch full-color display with a touch panel. The intuitive interface makes it easy to adjust various settings. The information of the car using the telemetry function can be displayed in detail on the large display. The new radio system T-FHSS SR (super response) realizes an operation response 2.5 times faster than the conventional one. In addition, 7PX supports T-FHSS receivers for telemetry functions, S-FHSS receivers which can handle up to 7 channels, and FASST-C2 receivers.

T-FHSS SR mode

T-FHSS SR mode is 2.5 times faster than the conventional T-FHSS. You can instantly control the car more than ever. So more accurate handling is realized.

Wireless setting function

Parameter change of S.BUS servo had to be connected to the transmitter by wire so far. However, 7PX software Ver. 2.0 has a wireless setting function added so that you can easily change the setting wirelessly even the S.BUS servo mounted on your car.